Self-Manage Your Music Career

Self-Manage Your Music Career

Learn how to put the foundations of a successful music career in place | taught by Anna Russell

Course description

Trying to build a successful music career is challenging, especially as a new or independent artist.

You know where you want to be, you’re just not sure how to get there.

The challenge you face is to get yourself from where you are now, to either getting a manager, attracting support from the music industry, or becoming a successful independent Artist.

This course aims to bridge that gap. It is designed to help you develop your career to the point where you will be able to get a manager, the opportunities you want, and ultimately, put you on the road to achieving your music career goals.

Self-Manage Your Music Career shows you step-by-step how to set goals and get clear on your vision as an Artist, create your brand, build an audience, implement a strategy and monetise your music. It is also packed full of additional resources and tools for new artists.

Throughout the course you will gain an understanding of the current music industry landscape, which activities you should be focusing on, and how to manage your music career day-to-day.

By the end of the course you will have the foundations of a successful music career in place:

  • An Artist brand you can be proud of
  • An increased fanbase
  • An effective strategy to help you achieve your career goals
  • A plot to monetise your music
Or - if you already have an existing artist brand and career – the course will help you to further refine and develop in each of these areas. The lessons can be revisited anytime you feel you need a refresher, consistently developing to become the best artist you can be.

I designed this course so that music artists could take charge of their own careers. Because whether you want to attract the help of a manager (and the music industry at large), or you plan to have a successful career as an independent artist, the formula is the same.

You may be at the beginning of your music career, or you may feel you need to take a step back from your existing artist brand and activities to ensure you are focusing on the right things.

Whichever stage you are at, this course will help move your career on to the next level.

"Your course saved me months of trying to figure things out on my own" - Tara Avans

"Anna has clearly and concisely shared this knowledge in a way that I was able to grasp and apply to my music career" - Belle Humble

Course Content

Each section of the course is dedicated to one of the foundations you need to have in place to self-manage your music career, and attract the interest of the music industry.

Section 1: Goal Setting

Section 1 is all getting clear on your vision for your music career, setting goals and gaining a better understanding of what you need to achieve these.

Section 2: Creating Your Brand

The lessons in this section take you through the process of creating your brand, so that by the end you have this (with assets such as a logo, artwork and a biography) in place.

Section 3: Building An Audience

Now that you have created your brand, you can begin building an audience. Section 3 shows you how to identify your target market, which social media platforms you should be using and how, and how to be your own publicist.

Section 4: Implementing A Strategy

Section 4 takes you through a step-by-step of how to create and implement a strategy to develop your music career. I show you how artist manager’s devise strategies for artists by setting objectives, putting a timeline in place and taking action!

Section 5: Monetising Your Music

You can’t call it career until it begins earning you a living. This section details the income streams which are open to music artists, and how and when you can monetise your music.

Section 6: Conclusion

I want to ensure that you can continue developing your music career beyond this course. Here I detail what your next steps should be and provide further resources to support you.

Also included: How To Write Your Artist biography, Brand Review, Strategy Timeline template, and a Rights & Royalties infosheet.

The course content is made up of video tutorials, written tutorials and worksheets. It contains over 40 lessons, with a viewing/reading time of 3-4 hours minimum.

Please note that you are protected by a 10-day moneyback guarantee.

Disclaimer: Please note that this course is not intended as a substitute or replacement for an experienced Artist Manager.

Anna Russell
Anna Russell
Founder of AR Artist Management | AR Vocal Agency

"Anna is knowledgeable, supremely on it, politely opinionated and utterly dedicated" - Groove Armada

My name is Anna Russell and I am the founder of AR Artist Management & the AR Vocal Agency.

Having grown up as an amateur singer, but professional Top 40 watcher, by the early 2000’s I was managing local music artists whilst studying for my BA Hons in Popular Music.

Today, I am an artist manager, music consultant & entrepreneur.

My first professional management experience came when I became one half of Groove Armada’s management team. Being thrown into the fast-paced world of business in which Groove Armada, one of the world’s most successful dance acts, operated, I learned at an accelerated rate across some very intensive years!

This included work on various music releases, their own annual festival ‘Lovebox’, a ground-breaking brand partnership with Bacardi - which won an unprecedented number of marketing awards including Music Week’s ‘Music and Brand Partnership of the Year’ - several UK & worldwide tours, countless festival appearances, and many Ibiza seasons…

Two of my proudest moments during this time include working on their sixth studio album Black Light, which went on to be Grammy nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album, and headlining Glastonbury.

Taking all this experience, I set up my own company AR Artist Management with an aim to work with quality artists, broadly within pop and electronic music. Later, determined to find the perfect way to combine my love of vocals, experience of singing, and the extensive network of vocalists and songwriters I have built up, the company expanded with the addition of the AR Vocal Agency.

AR provides a professional, meticulous and modern approach to management, customising strategies to help artists fulfil their potential within the commercial music industry. I work with artists at all levels, from those who are new and up-and-coming, to globally successful established acts.

As no two artists are the same, AR values a bespoke approach to ensure each acts’ needs are fully understood and their individual career paths forged accordingly.

This is an ethos I also carry into our artist management courses and products, which I designed to help independent artists develop their careers more effectively. These were created from my frustration at the lack of support for new, developing artists and those working without management or a label.

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place!

Visit the AR website for further information:

AR Artist Management